During the past few years, Covid-19 seems to have controlled a large majority of people's lives and has paved the way to multiple lockdowns and restrictions. For many people, battling against their unpredictable future has become a natural occurrence with many school children now facing the collective feelings of anxiety which most adults have become reconciled to.

Since the first Lockdown in March of 2020, adolescents in secondary schools up and down England have been militant against Covid restrictions to pursue a sufficient education. A recent survey carried out by pupils at a secondary school in Lancashire stated that over 50% of the pupils who took part believe that Covid has affected their education. Discernibly, two years of unorganized chaos would aid children to have concern over their learning and academic future.

However, it is not only the child’s education that has suffered as multiple forceful Covid restrictions have prevented students from accessing the crucial stability and emotional support which most schools provide. As a result of this, many mental health surveys have displayed a concerning decline in children's behaviour and mental health after the pandemic. It is apparent that many students are struggling to obtain decent GCSE results after 12 months of remote learning and a long break away from stability, routine, and normal lessons.

Despite it being three years since the first Coronavirus Lockdown, many teachers argue that the aftermath is still heavily affecting their pupils. In a recent interview, a teacher from a secondary school in Lancashire declared that she still feels that ‘the effects of Covid are still happening now’ despite the Department of Education’s attempts to keep the children on track. Similarly, this teacher claimed that after working with children during and after Lockdown, she feels that ‘for most students, the mental and the physical effects are happening now,’ after the virus outbreak.

Evidently, students have been suffering from the effects of Covid since 2020 with many battling feelings of upset, anxiety and fear for the future. Despite the restrictions easing over the past few years, many children’s educations are still being hindered by the aftermath of Lockdown, home learning and restrictions which leave many children emotionally and academically deprived.