A teenager has told of the exciting moment he joined one of his favourite music artists on stage at a gig – after having his signature tattooed on his hand.

Tucker Tkr, 18, from Kirkham, went to see Australian rapper The Kid Laroi – real name Charlton Howard - at Birmingham’s 02 Academy and was lucky enough to meet the star outside the venue after the show.

“I started listening to him during lockdown,” Tucker said. “It’d always been a dream of mine to see him live.

"After lockdown I still listened to him and then I had an idea about a year before the concert.

"I said to my friend if I get the chance to meet him I’m going to get his signature tattooed.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Tucker managed to meet The Kid Laroi at his Birmingham and Manchester gigsTucker managed to meet The Kid Laroi at his Birmingham and Manchester gigs (Image: Tucker Tkr)

Having paid £35 for a ticket and waiting for almost seven hours to secure a front-row spot, Tucker’s homemade sign saying that he would get Laroi’s signature tattooed was to no avail.

However, after waiting outside for the rapper, and after he signed one of his friend’s shoes, Tucker managed to get his attention and promised he would get the signature tattooed if he signed his hand.

After getting the ink-work done the next day, Tucker tweeted Laroi a picture of the tattoo, to which the singer replied: “You f*****g legend. I love you.”


As if being recognised by one of his favourite performers on social media wasn’t enough, Tucker took it one step further – he secured a ticket to the Manchester gig a couple of days later in the hope of showing Laroi in person.

With a little bit of help from the crowd and from the torch on his phone shining onto the tattoo, he managed just that, and Laroi, in disbelief, came over and told Tucker he could join him on stage for the final song.

Lancashire Telegraph: The tattoo of The Kid Laroi's signatureThe tattoo of The Kid Laroi's signature (Image: Tucker Tkr)

Together they performed Stay, a song co-written with Canadian star Justin Bieber and released in 2021.

On the experience, Tucker said: “It didn’t feel real. It didn’t hit me until after I’d left the concert.

"The only bit I actually remember on stage is when we were next to each other, I looked at him and everything hit me.

“He’s the most down to earth celebrity ever. He actually cares about his fans.

"The fact he remembered me after doing other shows after the Birmingham one, when there was hundreds of fans surrounding him.

Lancashire Telegraph: Tucker on stage with The Kid LaroiTucker on stage with The Kid Laroi (Image: Tucker Tkr)

“He said it out loud to the whole crowd what had happened and that he thought I was lying, then he showed everyone the tattoo.”

As well as paying £135 to attend the two gigs, Tucker also had to fork out £70 for the new ink, which has joined a tattoo of another of his favourite rappers, the late rapper Juice Wrld.