A councillor has arranged a meeting to discuss road safety after an incident involving a lollipop man and a speeding car.

On Tuesday, January 17, the lollipop man who helps children cross near the A56 Haslingden Bypass was almost hit by a speeding driver who continued to drive off after the near-miss incident.

It is believed the car approaching was not going to stop, so the lollipop man had to quickly move out of the way, which caused him to fall.

The patrol is based on the slip road to the A56 near Broadway and it helps children and parents get to Haslingden High School and Broadway Primary.

After the incident, several parents contacted Rossendale Councillor Samara Barnes with concerns about the slip road onto the A56, so she has arranged to meet with the chair of Lancashire Road Safety Partnership, Andy Pratt.

Cllr Barnes said: "I will be meeting with the chair on Monday, January 30, to discuss what measures can be put in place to make this road safer.

“I think we need a designated crossing so drivers are more mindful of pedestrians as currently they speed up on approach.”

“It wasn't that long ago since the lollipop man for Haslingden Primary School was hit by a car too.”

One concerned resident said dangerous drivers are a regular occurrence in the area.

He said: “I don't think people quite appreciate just how dangerous a job it is.

"In Helmshore I watch cars exiting Broadway left onto Helmshore Road with no regard for who might be crossing our waiting to cross.

“For the crossing patrol people they're dicing with danger every time they step out and I've seen many a near miss.”

Another person said: “Only Friday I was crossing with the patrol outside Neary’s and someone drove round the crossing patrol as he was halfway across the road to help me cross. Shocking.”

The A56 Haslingden bypass is notorious for the number of incidents that happen on that road.

Two months ago, the carriageway was blocked after a multi-vehicle crash. Just a month later, another crash took place on the carriageway which caused severe delays.