Nautilus Gin Experiences will be hosting a series of gin tasting events across Lancashire in February and March.

Gin expert Simon Sharp hosts these tasting sessions across the country and he will soon be visiting Blackburn and Chorley in Lancashire as well as Standish, Greater Manchester.

Simon says that attendees can expect to see gin “in a different way”, to hear some weird and wonderful stories, to make new friends for the evening, and to “get a bit merry!”

The evenings are designed to appeal to all levels of gin-drinkers, from those who are actively interested in the drink and those who do not consider themselves gin drinkers at all.

When asked what his favourite thing about the events was, Simon said: “The ritual of trying new gins when they arrive, and watching people laughing and chatting. I’m a sentimental old chap and I never tire of seeing friends enjoying each other’s company.”

Simon also spoke about some of his favourite Lancashire gins.

Ribble Valley Little Lane Gin

Lancashire Telegraph: Ribble Valley Gin's Little Lane has floral and earthy notesRibble Valley Gin's Little Lane has floral and earthy notes (Image: Ribble Valley Gin)


It’s no surprise a gin made in such beautiful surroundings would celebrate the countryside. Floral and earthy notes abound in this local classic dry gin. Not as well known as some of the other local gins but that’s certainly not down to their quality.

Cuckoo Solace

Lancashire Telegraph: The Cuckoo Solace gin goes well with tonic or in a martiniThe Cuckoo Solace gin goes well with tonic or in a martini (Image: Brindle Distillery)


Local gin drinkers will already be familiar with Cuckoo from the Brindle Distillery near Chorley. Their strength is having a relatively narrow range of gins that all have great reputations. Truthfully, their signature dry gin is my favourite but their Solace is their most unique and one of the driest on the market. Really special with tonic or in a martini.

Black Powder Flintlock Gin

Lancashire Telegraph: Black Powder's Flintlock Navy Strength has a complex mix of botanicalsBlack Powder's Flintlock Navy Strength has a complex mix of botanicals (Image: Black Powder Gin)


Situated past Preston, Black Powder have managed the impossible - having an extensive range without spreading themselves too thin. I’ve barely scratched the surface of their gins but Flintlock, their Navy Strength, is sublime. A complex mix of botanicals that really tests my ability to pick out botanicals.


Defiance Old Tom

Lancashire Telegraph: Defiance's Old Tom gin is sweetened with pine sap syrupDefiance's Old Tom gin is sweetened with pine sap syrup (Image: Defiance Distillery)

Old Tom gins have been slightly sweetened making them more smooth than Dry gins. Old Tom was the most popular type until the end of the 19th century. Oldham-based Defiance distillery has a range of exceptional gins, and their Old Tom is one of the most interesting out there. It’s sweetened with pine sap syrup and has a wonderfully sweet and smoky profile. We featured in last summer’s London Craft Gin Cruise and it was easily the most popular.


Lytham Orange Zest Gin

Lancashire Telegraph: Lytham Gin's Zesty Orange is a popular choiceLytham Gin's Zesty Orange is a popular choice (Image: Sandgrown Spirits)


I didn’t think I was that fond of orange gins. It turns out I simply hadn’t had the right one. ‘Zest’ is the key word here. It positively pops when it hits your tongue. Lytham Gin seem to have a very loyal fan club, barely a month goes by without someone enthusiastically telling me about one of their gins.


Simon’s events will be held at Mad Chair Co in Feniscowles, Blackburn, on Thursday, March 2, Woodchats in Chorley on Saturday, February 4, and Time Coffee Shop in Standish on Friday, March 24.