A goat who was found on the Metrolink tram tracks in Manchester has been taken in by Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary staff.

The pygmy goat, aptly named "Thomas", brought the city metro to a standstill on a busy Monday morning (January 16).

Thomas has been rehomed at Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary in Edenfield but no-one has come forward to reunite with the urban traveller yet.

Lancashire Telegraph: Thomas the pygmy goatThomas the pygmy goat (Image: Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary)

Head of farm section, Peter Hesketh said: “We got a phone call from Manchester Metrolink saying there was a goat on the tracks which was stopping the trams. 

“They took it to their depot and it was a cold day so he needed to be inside so we collected him.

“He has been used to people and he is quite tame but he is old and has a limp on one of his legs.

“No one has yet come forward for him but he is warm and safe here, we have put a coat on him and he will get medical help.

“Goats are legally required to have ear tags but his has been ripped off.

“If no-one claims him we will settle him in here. It’s been suggested to call him Thomas because of being found on the tracks.”

If anyone believes Thomas is their goat, proof of ownership is required.

Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary is home to 350 animals, around 80 dogs, 120 cats and a rising number of rabbits and small animals waiting to be rehomed, while horses, donkeys, pigs, goats and hens live out their lives there.

To get in touch call 01706 822577.