The RSPCA is appealing to the public for information after an “extremely skinny” pony was found in a field.

A concerned woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, took some pictures of the pony which was lying on a field in Church.

The woman was walking her dog when she spotted the pony.

She said the animal was “almost unresponsive”, “extremely skinny” and struggling to hold its head up.

Lancashire Telegraph:  An “extremely skinny” pony was found in a field in Church. An “extremely skinny” pony was found in a field in Church. (Image: Submitted)

She said: “A pony was almost unresponsive in the fields in Church, near the M65 bridge and Rishton Paper Mill.

“It's extremely skinny and can only lift its head up for a short time before lying back down.

“I'm not sure who tends to these horses, if anyone, but I had to try and see if anyone could help.”

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph she said: "It was dark and raining so it wasn't easy to see the pony in detail but it caught our eye when we were walking the dogs as it was trying to lift it's head.

"I've ridden horses for 20 years so I know they're easily scared yet it couldn't get up even when the dogs ran near and around it, it didn't really respond to me clapping or making noises, it could just lift it's head up for a couple of seconds but didn't move it's legs in attempt to get up.

"It was extremely skinny with matted hair and very wet, as it was a terrible night weather wise."

Since posting the pictures, the post has been flooded with comments.

“This is disgusting,” said one person.

“Shocking,” said another.

A third person said: “This is so upsetting. What’s happening with this animal?”

It is understood that the horse has now been removed from the field by the owner.

The RSPCA has praised the many people who tried to help the animal but are still investigating.

An RSPCA spokesperson “We’re really sorry to hear about his poor horse, and commend the people who were trying to help him last week.

“We understand the horse has now been removed by his owner, but are still looking into this.

“Anyone wishing to make any information available to us can contact our emergency line on 0300 1234 999.”

Hyndburn Police has been approached for comment.