The new channel 5 series about Britain’s biggest family got off to a dramatic start, when an ambulance had to be called for a “pregnancy emergency”.

A new series of 22 Kids and Counting, which focuses on Morecambe’s Radford family, kicked off on Sunday (January 8).

In the dramatic episode Mum Sue Radford can be heard speaking to her pregnant daughter, Chloe, whose waters had broken.

(Credit: YouTube, The Radford Family/Channel 5)

A panicked Sue said she was worried as there was some blood in her daughter's waters.

In one clip Chloe can be hear saying: "Hi, I'm ringing for ambulance. Yeah, so my waters have gone but there's blood in it.

"So I've rang delivery suite and they've said that it's an obstetrics emergency so I need to ring an ambulance."

In another clip Sue can be seen getting out of a hot tub in her wetsuit, trying to speak to Chloe on the phone.

Sue said: “You’ve not got any bleeding or anything though, have you? There’s not a lot of blood in it?

Chloe said: “Yeah there is blood in it. It just won’t stop coming out. The midwife said just get blue lighted [into hospital] because obviously I can’t wait

“I need to come up now Chloe,” said Sue. “I am really worried now.”

Thankfully, Chloe managed to deliver a healthy baby, Mila Eloise Wallace, in July.

On the epsidode, Noel said: “We have has the phone call we’ve been waiting for from Chloe.

“Her little baby is finally here. She arrived at 1:10am.”

Sue said: “I love getting the phone call saying everything is okay, it’s a massive weight off your shoulders.”

On Instagram, Chloe wrote: "23rd July 2022. Our beautiful daughter made her entrance into the world and we are in the biggest baby love bubble you can imagine.”

22 Kids and Counting continues this Sunday (January 15), on Channel 5 at 8pm.