The inequalities of life in today’s society are highlighted when we read of the heart wrenching account of an elderly lady living alone confronting the cost of living crisis and having to resort to a Christmas dinner of eggs on toast until the intervention of charity worker James Anderson who like a knight in shining armour came to her assistance (LT 29/12/22).

This Christmas has been a cut price affair for millions of families as they struggle with rising costs of food, energy and rampant inflation.

Compare and contrast this scenario to those well heeled customers of Harrods. These privileged individuals, shrugging off the issues we all face, have been ordering luxury mouthwatering gourmet banquets at a cool cost of £450. Delights include free range turkey with smoked bacon, prunes and glazed oranges, Sussex pigs in blankets and sprouts garnished with crispy sage, chestnuts and cranberries.

For afters a decadent Christmas pudding with five-star brandy butter.

The feast prepared by top chefs is delivered personally to their London homes in the famous green liveried vans.

The phrase ‘How the other half lives’ springs to mind!

The utmost praise must be afforded to Mr Anderson who in this season of goodwill has demonstrated to us all the true meaning and significance of Christ’s birth.

Merry Christmas everyone...

Jim Oldcorn