An historic pub, which dates back to the early eighteenth century, is set to close in the new year as the current tenants’ lease comes to an end.

The Cross Gaits, in Beverley Road, Blacko, will close in 2023 and the future of the pub is currently uncertain.

The landlords, who have been in charge for three years, Adam Marshall and Peter Godwin, say they are “very sad” to announce the pub’s closure and say the brewery has taken the decision to sell the premises.

In a statement they said: “We have not posted previously as we were still waiting to see what was happening with the brewery. We are very sad to announce the closure.

“As with many rumours some are correct and some are not.

“The brewery has taken the decision to sell the premises which brings our tenancy to an end.

“We are not fully aware of what the new owner has planned with the site.

“We would like to thank both customers and the Cross Gaits team for their support over the past three years, especially through the challenging times of lockdown.”

Adam and Peter are also in charge of The Bay Horse in Roughlee, which will remain open.

They said: “We hope that we continue to receive that support at our sister site, The Bay Horse in Roughlee, where you will continue to see our fantastic team working on making your visit as pleasurable as it can be.”

Since making the announcement hundreds of people have expressed their sadness at the news.

One person said: “So sorry, you have done an amazing job. We love your pub and are very sad to see it close.”

Another said: “This is a very sad decision after all the hard work you have all put in to make it a success.

“Wishing you all continued success with The Bay Horse.”

“Absolutely shocking and a poor decision by the brewery, said a third.

“Shame on them. Your food and hospitality are second to none and you'll be sorely missed.”