Frustrated Blackburn residents have complained an increase in the annual brown bin charge will lead to a rise in fly tipping.

The cost of the garden waste annual subscription, which is optional, is increasing from £35 to £40 at the end of January 2023, meaning it will have doubled in cost from 2018.

After the announcement, one resident from Feniscowles shared his concerns relating to fly tipping and the cost-of-living crisis, saying the council ‘must be raking it in’ and calling the increase a ‘rip off’.

He added: “We are being charged more for food, gas and electricity, car fuel yet most people’s wages are staying the same - apart from BWDC of course.

“This is the reason people will fly tip, I wouldn’t be surprised if some people will resort to fly tipping.”

The post sparked a debate with several people echoed the resident’s complaints, however some defended the increase, highlighting it is ‘only’ costing an extra 41 pence a month, whilst one person responded that, regardless, “some people don’t have that money”.

Responding to the concerns raised, Councillor Jim Smith, executive member for Environment, said: “We understand how difficult the current climate is for our residents and it is with great reluctance we have taken the decision to increase the price for our garden waste collection service.

“Against a backdrop of rising costs across the board we have had to make some very difficult decisions, as the Council is also facing increased operating costs.

"We have benchmarked these costs against other local authorities in the area regarding their pricings for this service too.

“There is a £5 discount for garden waste collections for those who sign up before the February 1, 2023. Residents can do this by visiting

“We are hopeful our residents will continue to do the right thing by looking after our local environment and not fly-tipping or littering.”

“Our household waste recycling centres continue to remain open for a seven-day period between them and all garden waste can easily be disposed of at both facilities.”