A local authority has been accused of proposing to build hundreds of home on a former school site without proving the roads, classroom places and health surgeries needed for its residents.

Conservative Cllr Neil Slater condemned the plans at Blackburn with Darwen Council's executive board on Thursday night.

Earlier this month it was revealed that the authority had struck a deal with national housebuilder Vistry Partnerships to construct 477 homes on 45 acres of land at Holden Fold in Darwen.

The site was previously home to Darwen Moorland High School but the scheme has generated dozens of objections.

West Pennine ward's Cllr Slater told the meeting: "You are building over 450 houses on Holden Fold plus all the other builds in Darwen.

"We want a guarantee that children will not have to travel great distances for a primary school of their choice. We only have two secondary schools in Darwen. What is the plan?

"Everybody in Darwen knows you can't get an NHS dentist or doctor's appointment.

"We see no plan to solve this immediate problem for Darwen people.

"Clogging up the Royal Blackburn A & E does not seem a solution.

"If you have been to the site and seen the road system, how are you going to make getting in and out of Darwen at peak times practical?"

Borough regeneration boss Cllr Quesir Mahmood replied: "At present, there is existing capacity within Darwen primary schools.

"However a future need for additional places may be necessary along with additional secondary school places.

"Details are set out within the council’s infrastructure delivery plan and the developers of recently approved housing developments in Darwen are providing phased contributions towards the provision of additional school places.

"In the case of Holden Fold, the masterplan identifies a potential S106 contribution of £1million towards primary school places when they’re needed.

"GP and dentist services are a wider issue and the council continues to work with the NHS and other health partners to ensure they respond to the needs of residents

"The transport impacts of the proposed development have been extensively assessed to ensure good connectivity for existing and new residents, as set out in the Holden Fold masterplan.

"A resident consultation has also been carried out relating to further improvements to be secured at the Goose House Lane / Moor Lane junction.

"Overall, the highway improvements associated with the Holden Fold proposals will further enhance the road improvements already seen through completion of the Darwen East Distributor Corridor Growth Deal scheme."

The sale of the land was approved by the Executive Board meeting.