An innovative Blackburn founded company is hoping to make paper receipts a ‘thing of the past’ ahead of a major launch.

NOUMI was founded by Blackburn businessman Shakir Lincoln based on an idea he had had in 2019 for a new app that would allow customers to receive receipts digitally.

Since then the company has grown apace, set up new offices in Preston, and is looking forward to a proof of concept launch next January before famous retailers.

Explaining how the app works, Mr Lincoln said: “Paper receipts are a thing of the past!

He added: “We are now in planning for our Proof Of Concept pencilled in for January 2023, our growth plans are very ambitious with 2023 and beyond with full investor confidence an idea started in Blackburn will soon be on a global stage.”

The app work by downloading customers' receipts and then automatically sorting them into different categories, for examples groceries, making it easier to store, archive and access again later.

The device, used by retailers, will be attached to electric point of sale systems, uploading receipts directly to customers' apps, eliminating the need for paper copies.

Mr Lincoln said: “NOUMI is designed as a true Plug and Play Solution meaning there is no heavy integration to EPOS software and it is compatible with most EPOS systems on the market this means retailers have a universal solution and users have one app, customers simply tap on the instore NOUMI device to collect receipts.”

As well as being more convenient for customers, Mr Lincoln says that the paperless receipt app is far better for the environment.

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With around 300 billion traditional paper receipts produced every year, this uses up 25 million trees, 18 billion litres of water and 22 million barrels of oil all of which is made unnecessary by digital receipts.

Development of the app began in 2020 and was followed by NOUMI’s quick expansion thanks to investment from Preston based Angel Investors.

The app was officially launched at the Retail Technology Show in London in April this year, which Mr Lincoln now hopes to build on in January’s launch.