A restaurant in East Lancashire is making sure no-one spends Christmas Day alone by giving up to 10 elderly people a free Christmas dinner.

Zak Marhraoui, owner of The Wellsprings restaurant in Sabden, is giving these elderly people a free Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.

Up to 10 people will sit at the table together and enjoy each other’s company. There will also be a small gift for each guest.

Zak said he has been running this scheme for six years now and was inspired to start it after forgetting to wish his mother a happy Christmas when she lived in Tangier.

Lancashire Telegraph: Zak Marhraoui (right) with his mum Rhimou Satter Zak Marhraoui (right) with his mum Rhimou Satter (Image: Zak Marhraoui)

He said: “I did this because one year we were so busy that I forgot about my mum, who was 68 at the time, who was living in Tangier on her own.

“I didn’t even have time to ring her and wish her a merry Christmas.

“I thought there must be a lot of elderly people in the same situation which is why we decided to do this.

“That’s why we started this six years ago.

“If anybody knows of a person or group of people who will be alone on Christmas day please ring the Wellsprings and come and join us for Christmas.”

Sabden entrepreneur Dave Fishwick, who started his own bank after selling mini-buses in his home town, is also helping the business to find people for the table.



If you know anyone who is spending Christmas Day alone and would like to sign them up for the group meal, call The Wellsprings restaurant on 01200 427722.