An animal sanctuary based in East Lancashire is hoping some of its inhabitants will be settled in front of a cosy fire in their forever homes this Christmas.

Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary in Edenfied rehomes cats, dogs, and small animals, while horses, donkeys, mules, goats, pigs and more live out their lives at the 55-acre site.

Volunteers at the sanctuary are now asking people to sponsor or adopt and rehome their ’12 animals of Christmas’ to help some of the inhabitants enjoy a merry festive season.

The 12 animals in need of sponsorship this year are:

Lancashire Telegraph: ZeekeZeeke (Image: Agency)


Zeeke is Bleakholt’s calendar boy this year – and they hope his cover story will get him a home.

The three-year lurcher has been at the sanctuary a while.

He is playful, inquisitive, loving and friendly but does have anxiety issues. 

Lancashire Telegraph: MillieMillie (Image: Agency)


Little lady Millie is a seven-year-old staffy.

Millie is a sweet girl that loves to be around people and does have separation anxiety so needs a home that is understanding of this.

Millie loves her walks and enjoys sniffing, playing and going on adventures.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Podge and Cookie

Siblings Podge and Cookie and are six-years-old and love each other. They always stand on the same side of each other - it's so cute.

They came to Bleakholt when their owner sadly passed away. 

They are very nervous and will need plenty of time and patience. 

Lancashire Telegraph: Chase and BubbleChase and Bubble (Image: Agency)

Chase and Bubble

Guinea pigs Chase and Bubble need a new home together. They are a bonded female pair and are just over one-year-old.

They were much-loved pets but their owner was unable to keep them due to a change of circumstances.

Both have lovely natures but are a bit shy so need a quiet home.

Lancashire Telegraph: FredaFreda (Image: Agency)


Freda originally came to Bleakholt from a feral colony so is understandably a little nervous around new people at times.

Freda would suit a very quiet and understanding home.

Since being at Bleakholt, Freda has enjoyed the staff giving head scratches and strokes on her own terms, so she is definitely coming around.

Lancashire Telegraph: DrifterDrifter (Image: Agency)


Drifter is almost 14-years-old and is a flashy Piebald gelding.

He’s cheeky and loves being out in the field with his friends, getting covered in mud.

Lancashire Telegraph: BarclayBarclay (Image: Agency)


Barclay, commonly known as ‘Batman’ amongst the staff, is a 10-year-old black Shetland pony gelding.

He came to Bleakholt in 2013 with his friend Elliot but since his arrival he has found a new best friend in Jeff and the love of his life in Dee Dee.

They do make a very good couple.

Lancashire Telegraph: RandyRandy (Image: Agency)


Randy is best friends with Bracken after both arriving at the sanctuary around the same time in 2010. 

Randy is nearly 17 and is a handsome Welsh pony.

He is a friendly yet cheeky young man who quite likes being the centre of attention.

Randy enjoys play fighting in the field.

Lancashire Telegraph: Mario and GascoigneMario and Gascoigne (Image: Agency)

Mario and Gascoigne

Rabbits Mario and Gascoigne are brothers who are five months old and were hand-reared at Bleakholt after their mother died.

They are extremely tame.

Lancashire Telegraph: KenkoKenko (Image: Agency)


Kenko is a recently neutered, one-year-old, male lionhead.

Kenko is very active and full of mischief.

Lancashire Telegraph: BevBev (Image: Agency)


Bev came to Bleakholt after her owners left her behind when they moved.

She is a very confident lady and would suit an active household.

She will need outdoor access once settled.

Lancashire Telegraph: SharonSharon (Image: Agency)


Sharon can be a little bossy at times, as she is an independent lady who likes her own space and likes to have all four paws on the floor.

She is sassy and loves curling up on her favourite blanket, watching the world go by.

If you think you could sponsor one of these animals for Christmas, or would like to offer any of them a forever home then head to the Bleakholt website where you'll find more information on how to adopt or sponsor.