A Together Housing tenant who is disabled says the severe mould in her house is causing a strain on her health.

Christine Riddell reported the mould in her house on Glen Crescent in Stacksteads this time last year but ‘kept getting ignored.’

The 54-year-old says Together Housing advised Christine to wipe the mould off herself but couldn’t do this due to her disability.

Christine’s husband David Riddell, 52, has spent the last year trying to get rid of the mould by wiping it off but the problem is too severe to resolve themselves.

Together Housing said repairs will be carried out later this month at her address.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Speaking on how frustrating this has been for the couple, Christine said: “I’ve been trying for a year to get someone to come out.

"The mould is all over the walls and my windows are wet through and they just keep telling me to wipe it up, but I physically can not wipe it up because my mobility is bad.

“They just keep blaming us for whatever reason. ‘It’s too hot in the house or it’s too cold in the house’ – whatever they can come up with. It’s horrendous.

“It’s so draining dealing with them. I’m having to sleep in the front room because it’s just making me cough because it’s that damp and wet in the bedroom. I can’t do it. My husband can do it, but I can’t so I’ve been sleeping on the couch which is killing me because of my disability.

“I’ve had to throw out a bed, drawers and mattresses because of the moulding. My husband’s had to move the bed across the room, and we’ve had to get new furniture. But we can’t afford to keep doing this every year, it needs sorting out.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

The mould has even damaged a pair of Christine’s shoes. She shared that regardless of how much her husband wipes down the house, the dampness and water doesn’t dry out because of an issue with ventilation caused by the lining in the roof.

After 12 months, Together Housing sent someone out to take a look at the mould last week.

Christine added: “God knows what’s going to happen. I have no idea, but we’ve just got to keep wiping everything down and I have to continue sleeping in the living room. But this isn’t fair. We’re good tenants and my health is suffering.

“People need to know about them because I know there’s so many of them suffering. I want people to know what’s happening.”

Stephen Garner, Together Housing Group Assistant Director of Property, said: “We are sorry that our resident Mrs Riddell has been experiencing problems at her home in Bacup. An appointment has been made to attend the condensation problem on November 14.

“When a repair to the pointing on the side wall was made in August, it was discovered that the roof space requires additional ventilation to prevent condensation forming within the loft. The work to install additional roof vents is booked for November 30.

“Once this work has been completed, there will be a follow up inspection on December 1 to check the remedial work has been completed successfully. We will, of course, do any further work that is necessary.”