A new hairdresser could be coming to a small village, however residents have said it could make a busy road more ‘hazardous’.

A planning application has been submitted to Ribble Valley Borough Council for a house to be converted into a hairdressing salon called ‘Hair by Connie’ on Birtwistle Terrace, also known as Whalley Road, in Langho.

If approved, the plans would see the three-bedroomed end terrace house converted into a hairdressing salon with three chairs and two sinks.

The front of the house would have a graphite grey door and frame and a sign erected.

The planning application states that there will be two parking spaces at the side and two at the front.

Billington and Langho Parish Council has raised concerns about the plans due to an already high demand for parking in the area, saying the hairdressers would increase that again.

A statement submitted by the council clerk said: “This is a residential area and already suffers with parking issues. This will compound the problem of residents being able to park.

“Both sides of the road are already used to park, adding to this means that residents and customers will potentially / probably not be able to turn round in their vehicles and will have to reverse out onto a main / busy road. “

While another statement submitted also said that the plans would create further parking issues.

The hairdressers would be open from 9am until 5pm from Tuesday to Friday and 9am until 3pm on Saturday. The salon would be closed on Sunday and Monday.

Residents can share their views on the plans by visiting the planning section of Ribble Valley Council's website.