Following the approval of plans to build 17 new homes on the site of a former mill, a further planning application has been lodged with the council seeking permission to demolish the mill buildings.

Approval was granted last month for the building of 17 new homes at the former Croft Mill site in Lowther Lane, Foulridge.

But before work can start, the old mill buildings will need to be demolished, so Skipton Properties Limited, who are overseeing the development, have applied to Pendle Council for permission to clear the site.

Works would be expected to commence on November 22 and would be completed by December 23.

A 35 tonne 360 degree-tracked excavator fitted with various attachments as required to facilitate the removal of sections of the existing roof and supporting masonry walls would be used to demolish the buildings, as would a Thwaites 10 tonne forward tipping dumper.

If approved, during mechanical demolition a series of demolition exclusion zones will be put into place around the buildings, and following confirmation of the disconnection of existing services, suitable fencing will be established to the work area to prevent unauthorised access into the site.

A decision on whether to grant permission for demolition will be made by the council’s planning department in due course.