Police were alerted to a man wandering around a cemetery with a hatchet in one hand and a machete in the other, a court has heard.

Blackburn Magistrates' Court was told when officers arrived on the scene on September 25, Daniel Jackson was topless and brandishing the weapons.

He ignored instruction and had to be Tasered before officers could detain him.

Jackson, 31, of Bradshaw Street West, Accrington, pleaded guilty to possession of bladed articles in a public place.

He was remanded on bail until November 25 for the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

Ceejay Kok, prosecuting, said the member of the public who reported the incident described an “irate” male in Dill Hall Lane cemetery, in Church, wielding a hatchet and a machete.

Police approached Jackson with a Taser drawn and Jackson was told to drop the weapons.

“He refused and the Taser was used so the officers could detain him,” said Miss Kok.

“He was on his own in the cemetery and other than the person who reported the incident it doesn’t appear any other members of the public witnessed his behaviour.”

Kimberley Morton, mitigating, said her client had been going through a “terrible time” trying to get access to his children, and as a result was very distressed.

“The cemetery where this happened is where his father is buried and he had driven there deliberately,” said Miss Morton.

“There were slash marks to his stomach which he had caused himself.

“This was a moment of madness at a time when he was very stressed.

“He meant no harm to anyone else.”

Jackson is due to be sentenced on November 25.