A month before the new film Matilda the Musical is released on Netflix, students at a high school in Rossendale are gearing up to star in their very own production of Matilda.

Whitworth Community High School will be performing the Roald Dahl classic in the old school building on October 18 and 20.

It will be the last production in the old building as pupils and teaching staff will be transferred into the new construted building in early 2023.

Taking one of the main roles in the well-loved children’s classic, is Luke Ratcliffe, 14, who will become Primary School Headteacher Miss Trunchbull.

The keen actor said: “I love being involved because you get to meet new people and they are all from different years and not people you would speak to normally during the day, but the show brings so many people together.”

Luke, who was also cast in Oliver and Robin Hood shared why this production means so much to him. He said: “I have tried on my costume, and it is good. I really wanted to be in this show because it will be my last school show as I am in Year 10.

“I am doing my drama GCSE and drama is my life. It is everything I think of all the time.

“I am always thinking about the show and I go home singing the songs, then come to school the next day still singing the songs and I have learnt all my lines.”

He is hoping to land a place at drama school.

The school held auditions just a few days into the new school year in September and Sophie Ainscow was delighted to land the role of ‘naughty child’ Hortensia.

Sophie, 14, said: “When we did Robin Hood, I was originally cast as a narrator, but then the person playing Robin Hood got Covid. So, two days before the show I was asked to play the role and had to learn all the lines.

“I write my own lyrics and my dad Steven arranges them to music. My dad is a musician and used to be in a marching band and plays drums and guitar; I play keyboard and piano.”

The father and daughter duo are looking to record an album and put it on Spotify.

Sophie added: “I don’t have a lot of speaking lines in this production, but I am in every dance and sing every song.

“It is so amazing to be there with everyone else and we have a lot of fun.”