A Feniscowles resident has shared CCTV footage of a brazen thief rummaging through a car in the early hours of the morning.

The thief, wearing a black cap and dark hoodie, rummaged through the boot of the car at around 3.50am on Friday, October 7.

In the video, the thief appears to be holding a torch while he looks through the contents of the car before gently shutting the door and turning left out of the driveway.

Sheila Morris, 68, of Old Gates Drive, said she accidentally left her car unlocked after unpacking shopping which is how the opportunist - who she branded a "scumbag" - was able to take a small amount of money from the car.

She said: “A very stupid thing to do I admit. I’ve never left it unlocked before. Lesson learnt."

However, Sheila added she was shocked the thief wasn’t deterred by the security lights and cameras.

Several residents commented they have had similar experiences with thieves in the same area.

Round the corner from Old Gates Drive, a resident said a person tried to break into a van in Livesey Branch Road the same night, and another claimed someone was trying car doors in St Michael’s Close less than a mile away.

A few days after the theft, Sheila reported it to the police. “The community need to report all incidents to the police.

"He’s a nuisance offender who needs to be taken off the streets.”

Police are currently investigating the incident after the report was made yesterday (October 10) at around 3.30pm.