A council said the granting of permission for an "imposing" extension complete with raised terraces overlooking several houses was "appropriate" and "approved on its merits".

Multiple complaints were lodged with Pendle Council about the development in Kings Causeway, Brierfield.

The owners of the property had received planning permission to build an extension to their existing house, but once erected it angered neighbouring residents who said it was more like an "extra property" rather than just an extension.

The house's owner was approached regarding complaints made, but has not commented.

People living in the area were further riled when the same homeowners decided to start building raised terraces at the rear of the property, which neighbours claimed were "blocking the view for neighbouring residents, destroying trees, and infringing on their privacy".

Lancashire Telegraph: Kings CausewayKings Causeway (Image: Google)

This particular development did not have planning permission, but once the council became aware of the complaints, they asked the developer to submit a retrospective planning application, which was then approved.

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Neighbours said they raised issue with the extension and the raised terraces, but were "ignored" by the planning department at every turn.

They also claim they had their properties vandalised for daring to speak out – with one family saying they had the tyres of their cars shredded and windscreen wipers pulled off, as well as having a wall knocked down - although these claims have not been substantiated. 

Kings Causeway residents have brandished Pendle Council’s planning department “rude” and said the council "does not care about the views of the people who live in the borough".

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “Planning permission is being granted for things residents and the public object heavily to and it is impacting on our lives.

“One elderly couple in Marsden Heights (behind Kings Causeway) have to keep their bedroom curtains and lounge curtains closed permanently, and all the lady loved doing was watching the birds from her window - which incidentally have all gone now due to the removal of the trees.

“The garden being granted retrospective planning permission is a disgrace. The residents in Marsden Heights look at an eyesore and are getting flooding.

“The residents in Kings Causeway can see the occupants walking in mid-air the height has been raised so much, and the garden overlooks at least five properties.

“They seem to be getting away with building beyond initial planning application.

"We kept asking for the building to be measured and were just told it was following regulations.

“The garden terracing is appalling and has caused so much distress to many residents. We have had to spend £6,000 on a fence and wall to cover it up and the residents below are waterlogged when it rains.

"People are frightened to complain and object now.”

Lancashire Telegraph: The terraces to the rear of the property on Kings CausewayThe terraces to the rear of the property on Kings Causeway (Image: Council)

Residents and the wider public in Brierfield also complained about a proposed development on land to the north of Rockwood (a six-bed detached house in Halifax Road close to the golf course, and near to land earmarked for a new 7,000 grave cemetery).

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Initially the application was for six dwellings, which was refused by the council in 2020.

But in January, amended plans were submitted for four three-storey dwellings on the same site - which are recommended for approval, believed to be on the basis that this is best for residents as the developers would only come back for six dwellings if refused.

A decision on this has yet to be made, with public consultation ending on October 5, but so far there have been more than 30 objections.

One resident said: “It seems that Nelson/Pendle planning and council do not care about residents’ and public views and are passing anything at moment.

“The planning department are rude and do not respond. Several residents have asked and asked for the complaints policy and procedure and not received it.

“It is disgusting what is being allowed to happen around the Kings Causeway and Harle Syke area.

“Many residents are too scared to speak out due to reprisals, i.e., damage to vehicles and properties.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Rockwood and the land north of the houseRockwood and the land north of the house (Image: Google)

Another resident said she contacted Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson about her issues with the council and planning department, and claims after a long time even she only got a curt reply from Pendle Council’s director, Philip Mousdale.

She said when she reached out to councillors on both matters – the extension on Kings Causeway and the development to the north of Rockwood - doors kept closing and responses shut down.   

Six residents went to a recent planning meeting about the building north of Rockwood, with one claiming: “It was an awful meeting with resident and public views ignored."

They say the continuous developments are destroying the views from their homes, and the lives of people living in the area.

Pendle Borough Council stressed that it follows the proper process when determining planning applications.

Planning and development manager, Neil Watson, said: “When we received a complaint about the development at Kings Causeway, we contacted the developer and asked them to submit a retrospective planning application so that the issues raised could be considered.

“Neighbours were then given an opportunity to comment on the planning application as part of a normal consultation.

“A report was submitted to the council’s Planning Committee which referred to the five letters of objection and the concerns raised during the consultation.

“These concerns were considered alongside all other material considerations and the application was approved on its merits.

“We acknowledge that the decision to approve the application was not in accordance with the views of the residents, but it was fully assessed and deemed appropriate.”

Pendle Council did not provide comment about the concerns over land north of Rockwood. 

The owners of the Kings Causeway property were contacted and given the opportunity to comment but have yet to respond.