The Conservatives have held two council seats following by-elections in Rossendale.

The Tories overcame national unpopularity following the Chancellor’s mini-budget last week which led to the pound crashing to its lowest ever value against the US dollar, and financial markets turmoil to keep the two seats on Rossendale Borough Council.

The votes were held on Thursday, September 29, with two Tory seats up for grabs.

In the Helmshore ward, Ann Hodgkiss was elected for the Conservatives with 736 votes, with Labour’s candidate Neil Looker in second with 540.

The Greens were third (74 votes), Liberal Democrats fourth (62 votes) and independent David Stansfield (42 votes) came last.

The turnout for the vote was 31.76 per cent, and one vote was rejected.

The second by-election was held in Facit & Shawforth, and was again a Tory hold.

Scott Smith won the vote with 337 votes, with independent Kim Olaolu second with 214 votes, Labour third on 203 votes, and the Greens last with 20 votes.

Two votes were rejected and turnout was a measly 27.87 per cent.