An East Lancashire teen, who opened an occasion wear shop earlier this year, has launched a new scheme to help parents buy more affordable prom dresses.

Eddison Emam, from Wilpshire, opened Dressed Boutique, based in Huntleys, Samlesbury, in March.

The shop is stocked with glittering prom and cocktail dresses of all lengths, colours, sizes and styles, with many of Eddison’s products imported into Lancashire from the US.

Eddison, 19, who traded a degree in Politics at the University of Manchester to open her own prom dress shop, said the last few months have been “challenging” but “fantastic”.

The current Miss Great Britain Teen said: “It’s been brilliant but challenging at times.

“I’ve always grown up in the pageant community visiting many shops to buy dresses, but didn’t realise how much work goes into making the businesses successful.

“It takes time and hard work but if you put in the effort the business will succeed.

“I am absolutely loving it and every day has been getting more and more exciting as we build up to prom season.”

As the cost of living crisis grips the nation, Eddison decided to introduce a pre-loved prom dress scheme where people can purchase heavily discounted dresses that may have only been worn once.

Lancashire Telegraph: Eddison Emam at Dressed BoutiqueEddison Emam at Dressed Boutique (Image: Eddison Emam)

Eddison, who is representing Great Britain at an international beauty pageant this year, said: “We realized that cost of living is rising and people might not have as much money to spend on prom dresses, which can cost hundreds.

“This is why we decided to launch ‘pre-loved prom’.

“When people buy a prom dress they wear it for an evening and then that’s it – it will probably sit in their wardrobe never to be worn again.

“We decided to take back all of those dresses and the response so far has been amazing.

“I didn’t expect to have this huge influx of people eager to donate their dress – there have been hundreds of messages.”

“You can get a £600 dress for £200. It’s a concept I haven’t seen many other shops, other than charity shops, do before and I don’t know why.”

Eddison said one dress in their shop was custom made for £1,200 but it’s for sale at Dressed Boutique for £400.

For Eddision, it’s not about the cost of the dress but the experience for the customers.

Lancashire Telegraph: Eddison EmamEddison Emam (Image: Eddison Emam)

She said: “With this scheme you still get to have that lovely experience in the shop.

“Customers can still have a drink, try on the dresses and have a special time no matter which dress they buy.

“Whether the customer is buying the most expensive or most affordable pre-loved one in the shop, we offer the same service and appointments.”

As an extra touch, Eddison also wants to show the story behind each dress. Each pre-loved garment will come with a label explaining a memory or story from the previous wearer.

The former Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School pupil said: “It’s more than just a more affordable dress – there is a whole story behind its previous outing on someone else’s special night.

“We attach a memory or story to them, submitted by the girl who wore the dress previously.

“Maybe someone won the ‘best dressed’ award at prom while wearing it, or maybe the previous wearer attended the same school as you.

“We’ve accepted loads of dresses and more come each week.”

Eddison says the shop is already getting busy with appointments ahead of prom season.

She said: “We are getting busy with prom season and many girls have booked appointments for the October half term so book as soon as possible if you want a dress.

“We don’t sell the same dress to the same school twice. The sooner you come the sooner you can pick up your dream dress.”

Visit the Dressed Boutique website for more