AN EAST Lancashire man believes he has come to the aid of thousands of war game enthusiasts - by inventing a super-strength glue.

Garry Grimshaw, 37, of Church Street, Read, developed War Glue after years struggling to fix together Dungeons and Dragons figurines.

The opticians worker is a long-time enthusiast of games like Warhammer but had been frustrated by the lack of a strong glue to stick together intricate model parts.

But he believes he is now ready to come to the rescue of gamers after chatting to a Leyland-based fellow war games fan.

The pair developed a super-strength glue together and improved it until it was "fantastic", Garry said.

However, it took all his business acumen to market the product on a website, a move which has led to interest from Germany, Australia and the United States.

"I knew there was a market out there and I developed it," added Garry.

"People have contacted us on the website and it is fantastic.

"Everybody has said it is far superior to anything else. It takes seconds to set rather than minutes or hours."

And Garry is also optimistic the glue, which retails for £9.99 a bottle, will make he and wife Fiona, 36, rich.

"Hopefully it will bring in cash," he said. "Once word spreads other people are going to use it. I live in hope that it will make me a fortune."

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