A BRIDGE used as a popular link between a Burnley estate and the town centre has been sealed off after part of it collapsed.

No-one was hurt when a section of the footbridge, between Cooper Street and Healey Wood Road over the Leeds Liverpool Canal, crumbled at around 1pm on Saturday.

Council workmen immediately sealed off both entrances to prevent pedestrians falling into the eight-foot deep hole which had emerged.

The bridge is located at the Cooper Street and Stanley Street junction, underneath the Centenary Way flyover and beside Burnley Spirtualist Church.

It links the Rosehill estate with the town centre, to the rear of the former Lambert Howarth mill, and is known locally as the police bridge.

Rosehill with Burnley Wood councillor Jeff Sumner has promised to investigate the bridge collapse.

Coun Sumner said: "It is a very important bridge because it serves the people of Rosehill, Healey Wood Road and Marlborough Street.

"It provides easy access to the town centre, especially with the car parking situation being the way it is and people leaving their cars and walking into town.

"This is something I am going to be looking into with my fellow ward councillors."

Police also issued an alert about the condition of the bridge and placed no-entry tape at the entrances on Saturday.

One neighbour said: "It was just lucky that no-one was on the bridge when this happened. They should go around and check all the others around here now."

Another added: "The council did come out really quickly and sealed it all off.

"But they said that it could be closed for months now and it is a really well-used bridge."

An alternative route exists for pedestrians along Healey Wood Road, onto Manchester Road, emerging near the Weavers' Triangle Visitors Centre.