A COUNCIL is to scrap its selective licensing scheme for landlords.

Two areas of Hyndburn are currently covered by the system aimed at improving the quality of rented housing in the borough.

They are in parts of Church and Accrington.

On Wednesday Hyndburn Council cabinet will be asked to approve the end of the scheme after 10 years

It was brought in originally in December 2012 because the designated area was one of low housing demand the order would contribute to the improvement of the social and economic conditions.

The scheme covered Church, Kirk, Peel, Springhill, West Accrington and Woodnook

Its housing boss Cllr Kath Pratt tells her senior councillor colleagues: "The designation will end on March 4 2023.

"The housing market within the designation is showing signs of some recovery and therefore the low housing demand justification is weakened when considering a further five year designation beyond the March 4 2023.

"There are a range of legal powers and enforcement measures available to the council for tackling poor housing conditions and rogue landlords in the private rented sector.

"As at September 6, 2,086 selective licences have been issued for private rented properties in the existing designation area.

"As at March 31 we had dealt with 2,047 complaints regarding the licence or condition of private rented properties in the existing designated area.

"The complaints dealt with range from tenants reporting disrepair problems to reports of antisocial behaviour and environmental blight such as fly tipping, dirty back yards, vacant and abandoned buildings.

"The total number of unlicensed licensable properties identified and dealt with during the lifetime of the scheme so far is 602.

"Wherever possible, the council has taken a supportive role with landlords in helping them obtain licenses and therefore meet the required conditions rather than taking more formal action.

"As at March 15 2022, 146 licences had been revoked.

"We have imposed eight civil penalties to date. In total these penalties amount to £64,000.

"Parts of Accrington and Church have benefitted from a selective landlord licensing designation for ten years by March 4 2023.

"Selective landlord licensing has always been intended to be a temporary measure and there is no precedent for an area benefitting from a designation beyond ten years."