STUDENTS at Nelson and Colne College have been educating primary school children through theatre.

Performing Arts students at the college were commissioned to produce and perform two educational drama pieces for pupils at Holy Saviour RC Primary School, Nelson.

Children in Years Five and Six were shown a performance about bullying, entitled Who Would You Tell?' where students gave advice on how to react to a bully.

For Years One and Two a factual dramatisation of the life cycle of the frog was created to complement the school's science syllabus.

Headteacher of Holy Saviour, Mrs Lubomski, said: "We asked the college to produce these pieces so that our pupils could learn from teenagers and through drama.

"We've had an excellent response from all four classes and the interaction between College students and our pupils was excellent. I look forward to holding events like this in future."

The college students also discussed topical issues such as pollution.

Student Natalie Dempsey said: "It's been extremely good fun and memorable, something which has inspired us all to carry on."

College tutor, Michelle Gilliver, said: "The students devised these pieces to fulfil the commission set by the school.

"They did really well, they fully considered the age of their audience and pitched their performance perfectly."