LUCKLESS Derek Brown is cursing the gameshow nightmare which left him aiming for £250,000 - but winning just a fiver!

And the 63-year-old's performance on Channel 4's Deal or No Deal was so bad that he has been given his own wing in the show's Hall of Fame.

Derek, of Haslingden Road, Blackburn, was chosen for the game - where competitors reject boxes with hidden amounts of money inside in an attempt to be left with the top prize - after applying to take part.

But his performance was so bad that The Banker - who offers competitors amounts of money to end the game - made him hi slowest total offer since the show began.

The show's bosses, broadcast on Tuesday - have now named the day Banker's Day'.

Derek, a security and maintenance worker for Blackburn with Darwen Council, lost five of the highest prize amounts in the first round.

His bad luck didn't change as every round uncovered another high prize.

The Banker's highest settlement offer was £1,300 and the final offer before Mr Brown opened his box was £60.

He chose to risk it in an attempt to win the remaining £250 - but ended up with a box containing just £5.

For the first time in two years of the show, the Banker showed a touch of kindness and took pity on the unlucky contestant.

The Banker congratulated Derek on being such a "sporting loser" and gave him £250 to be spent on the party after the show along with a bottle of champagne.

"I picked certain numbers because of my daughter's and grandson's birthday", said Derek.

"But they turned out to be the big numbers. I made some wrong decisions. It just was not my game."

With hopes of moving to the coast being dashed Derek has not yet cashed in his winnings.

He said: "I still have my cheque. I may keep it or I may raffle it off as a memento. I might make more out of it that way.

"We watched the show in my local pub with my friends.

"They took the mick out of me all night. I hope the curse of the Banker's Day doesn't continue next year."

Derek doesn't feel like he has lost out though.

He met the host, Noel Edmonds, and has made friends with the other contestants, who he plans to keep supporting and watching.