A GUEST at a party repaid the hospitality shown to him by burgling the house.

Liam Holt broke in the same evening and stole music equipment but was later seen carrying some of the stolen property to his own home on the same street.

The 21-year-old, of The Foyer, Princess Street, Blackburn, was given eight months prison, suspended for a year, followed by 12 months supervision.

He pleaded guilty to the burglary which took place on March 4, also in Princess Street.

Preston Crown Court also heard that at the time of the crime, Holt was on licence from prison, having been released from a sentence for theft.

Mr Paul Cummings, prosecuting, said that Christopher Dickinson had people round for a drink at his home and Holt was among those let in.

At about 9pm Mr Dickinson decided to go out, so asked those present to leave.

But on coming home at around 11pm, he discovered that his home had been burgled and a music system stolen.

About the same time, a security guard at The Foyer saw Holt enter the building's reception area, carrying a lot of equipment which he asked to leave in the hallway.