THE funeral is over, the world has paid its respects. If the last few days have shown us anything it’s that when it comes to pageantry, precision and a sense of history the UK still leads the way.

And before everything gets back to normal - whatever normal is - perhaps there are a few things we should all bear in mind.

Monarchist or staunch republican no-one can deny what a remarkable lady Queen Elizabeth II was - funny how it still seems wrong to talk about her in the past tense. To effectively devote your life to the national cause with such grace, dignity and determination the way she did was astonishing. We will not see her like again.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t all try to adhere to some of the principles which shaped her life.

In a time of national mourning we all come together. Differences appear forgotten and, mercy me, people are nice to each other.

It shouldn’t require the death of the head of state to bring this to pass. It’s a bit like the days of enforced lockdown when the world became more caring. Why do we have to revert to being more cut-throat, more full of self and in some cases more feral?

For all the flag waving and flower leaving, perhaps the most fitting tribute we can pay to the Queen is to try and create a world in which people are nicer to one another, one in which compassion is key. Politicians take note - that includes you!