A BLACKBURN firm is offering a chauffeur-driven wedding day ride fit for the Bride of Dracula.

Pedestrians and motorists have been doing double takes when they see the latest addition to the roads - a black hearse which can be seen filled with prom-goers or carrying a gothic wedding party.

And like the Munsters' car in the popular 1960s American TV comedy The Munsters, the hearse comes complete with a coffin.

When two piercing studio owners first spotted the hearse being sold on eBay for £700, they thought it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

Jason Wright, 36, known as Doc Hex' and Clare Edwards, 27, of Hex Piercing Studio, Mincing Lane, Blackburn, have now made it a familiar feature on East Lancashire's roads while using it to advertise their business.

Requests soon started to flood in from teenagers going to school proms and brides.

And now they offer the service for free.

One of the first celebrations the hearse featured at was the wedding of Doc's ex-wife, who was married in a Wiccan ceremony at haunted' Samlesbury Hall.

Now Doc, who dresses in full funeral regalia to drive the hearse, is offering his chauffeuring service to the local goth community for free.

Since buying the hearse two years ago it has developed a real following and people have even started coming into their Mincing Lane studio asking if they can take pictures of it.

Clare said: "It started out as a joke when we opened the studio, but it's really good for advertising.

"We get people taking pictures of it when we're driving around. We even have people coming into the shop to ask about it and take photos of it."

Doc said: "We're coming up to prom season now and the requests are flooding in.

"Most of them are from our customers because we're at the centre of the scene here.

"I think it will also be really popular at Hallowe'en with the coffin and everything.

"It is a real talking point and the hearse looks great in photos - especially in the photos of my ex-wife's wedding.

"It was a bit of a shock for some people waiting outside though!

"It really started out as a friendly thing because most of the requests are from people who are part of the scene and we're happy to help out if it's a special occasion."

The pair said they had never used the hearse for a real funeral, but wouldn't rule it out if someone asked.

In the Munsters the coffin-shaped 'Koach' was the family car that appeared in more than 20 episodes throughout the series' two-year run.

For more information about the Hex hearse, visit the website at www.hexpiercing.co.uk