We shall never see her like again. The death of Queen Elizabeth II marks the end of an era in so many ways.

Whatever your views on the monarchy - and please consider what the alternatives would really mean for the country - you have to admit that she was one remarkable woman.

For probably 99 per cent of the population she was the only monarch we had ever known; a point of stability, a figure of decency.

To all the critics out there, just pause a second and consider the sacrifices she made, her devotion to duty, her selflessness and a belief in doing the right thing. They really broke the mould when it came to Her Majesty.

The public outpouring of genuine grief is testament to the impact she had on all our lives.

Which brings me to my next point. Did anyone else see the shameful behaviour in the BBC newsroom as Huw Edwards was making the official announcement that the Queen had died?

As he was dealing with the momentous situation with the utmost decorum, two ‘girls’ could clearly be seen standing behind him taking either selfies or photographing the back of his head - no doubt for their Insta page or for Twitter with some inane hashtag like #making history. Suddenly a grown up in the room came flying across the office and told them to sit down and get on with their work in no uncertain terms.

Their actions really sum up what is wrong with this country. I hope they will be disciplined for such a total lack of respect.