TWO East Lancashire mums are appearing in a county-wide campaign to promote breastfeeding.

Michelle Bromley, 23, of Colne, and Chantelle Baldwin, 20, of Blackburn, were given a makeover and posed as a pop star and a supermodel respectively for the Be a Star campaign to get more young mums to ditch the bottle.

Their images will be featured on posters and billboards throughout Lancashire's shopping centres, bus shelters and buses, as well as appearing in promotional material for the campaign.

Research shows that while more women are breastfeeding, younger mums are least likely to do so, often because of concerns about body image.

The two-month Be A Star campaign aims to show that young mums can both breastfeed and be sexy at the same time.

Michelle, who is pictured with her three-month-old daughter Naomi, and Chantelle, photographed with 15-month-old son Michael, were picked from their Primary Care Trust breastfeeding support groups to front the campaign, along with a mum from Bolton, and another from Central Lancashire.

Michelle Atkin, of Blackburn with Darwen Primary Care Trust, said: "We really want to make breastfeeding fashionable and funky and a bit different, and make sure the message really hits home.

"You notice the girls first, and then you take a second look and see that they are breastfeeding, and see our message.

"They may not be pop stars or models, but they are most definitely stars.

"In a lot of cases now, younger mums' own mothers and grandmothers didn't breastfeed, and most of their information and support comes from their families, so we are targeting the grandparents as well.

"But a lot of girls do see it as something older people do, with issues around body image, but in fact it helps mums get back into shape after the birth."

Breastfeeding uses 500 calories a day, and is also shown to reduce risks of postnatal depression, as well as reducing osteoporosis and ovarian cancer.

It boosts immunity in babies, reducing risks of childhood diabetes and obesity, as well as improving bone and tooth formation.

Colne mum Michelle said: "Breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world. It's free and always ready.

"I got involved in the campaign to promote breastfeeding and be a role model to other mums."

Supporting the campaign is a 24 hour breastfeeding support line available on 01254 772929.

Visit the website below for more information and a chance to enter the campaign's 'most unusual place you have breastfed' competition.