Chorley's former Liberty X band member Kevin Simm will be swapping singing for ringing in Manchester this weekend.

Kevin can be seen at the Arndale centre promoting BT's free UK weekend calls.

He will be sat on BT's giant sofa from 11am, meeting and greeting folk and signing autographs.

The Citizen's Gordon McCully asked him how his life has been progressing in the last few years.

What have you been up to since the band split?

"I've been very busy in the studio recording new solo tracks which I'll hopefully be able to share with people very soon."

Do Liberty X have any plans for a Take That/Spice Girls style reunion?

"Probably nothing on the same scale, but we're still very much in touch with each other and do still get together for the odd performance.

"We've actually we just been asked to perform on May 8 in London for the Caudwell children charity event which Whitney Houston is also due to appear at."

Do you still live in Chorley?

"Unfortunately not, but I visit Chorley as much as possible, at least once a month as all my friends and family still live here."

You recently appeared in The Games - would you ever appear in any other reality TV programmes?

"Never say never! In fact, I think I'd probably be quite tempted to do a show which is quite similar to The Games - something which is physically challenging and needs a good level of fitness would be right up my street."

Do you still train hard following The Games?

"Keeping fit is very important to me but preparation and training around The Games was obviously really intense. So, while I make a big effort to stay fit, it's nothing like the level of fitness that was required for The Games."

Do you have any plans to take part in serious sporting events like running a marathon?

"I don't have any concrete plans at the moment but am thinking about running the London marathon for charity, perhaps next year or the year after."

Are you romantically involved with anyone at the moment?

"Yes, I have a long term girlfriend called Laura."

You're promoting BT's free weekend calls. Who would you call to make their day and why?

"I'd call Laura and my mum and also all my former Liberty X band mates: Tony, Kelli, Jessica and Michelle."