After a flavourless few years, the region's favourite broth-brawling fight fest has finally returned, and the crowd lapped it up. 

More than a thousand stew-loving spectators turned out for the the World Gravy Wrestling Championships' long awaited return, and contestants came from all over the UK for a grapple in the gravy. 

Wrestlers must do battle for up to four minutes, wading in a whopping 2,500 litres of gravy, with points awarded by the judges for creativity of wrestling moves, entertainment factor and sheer silliness - of which there was plenty. 

Several contestants used illegal weapons such as Yorkshire puddings and fake breasts to sling at their opponents, and others were disqualified for repeatadly savaging the referee.

Sixteen men and eight women took part this year, all raising money for their own chosen charities, while ticket sales raise funds for East Lancashire Hospice.