Blackburn author Penny J Black has ventured from writing books to writing song lyrics as a way of coping with her husband’s tragic suicide.

As a huge mental health advocate, Penny’s first book, 'Nobody’s Perfect', published in 2019 centres on the suicide of her first love Jason Hampshire in 1989.

The author is now working on her second book of the trilogy, Reminiscence, which looks back on her rebellious teenage years as well as her final book which centres on the shocking suicide of her second husband Bryan.

Penny has been in the recording studio with Neil Trepass, a music producer based in Bolton, to record songs featured in Reminiscence and the singles have been released to the public.

Speaking about the how her life experiences have shaped her work, Penny said: “It’s been a massive journey for me since my husband committed suicide almost six years ago. I was in a very dark place for a long time, yet tried to give myself glimmers of hope, only to be knocked back down time after time.”

On top of Depression and Anxiety, Penny has had to endure Menopause on her own with no treatment as she is a functioning alcoholic.

This caused Penny to start losing her hair; so she decided to shave it off and raised £149.61 for Suicide Awareness Prevention UK – the charity which was set up by Penny’s daughter in memory of her stepdad.

The singles that Penny is releasing are all sentimental songs to Penny. A cover of ‘Story of the Blues’ by Pete Wylie and The Mighty Wah which “was always going to be Penny’s funeral song” is being released on September 4 to coincide with the anniversary of Bryan’s sudden death.

‘Union City Blue’ by Blondie and 'Everybody’s Changing' by Keane, which have personal meanings and memories attached to Penny and her family’s lives, will be released earlier, on September 1  - Penny’s birthday.

All her current songs are on all streaming sites including Spotify and are also available on

To find out more about Penny’s books and music, you can visit her website here.