East Lancashire Radio 1 presenter Jordan North has been left feeling red-faced after accidentally sending a picture to many of his WhatsApp contacts.

Jordan, from Burnley, shared the update with his 734,000 Instagram followers and said he accidentally sent the message while on a run.

He said: “So I’ve randomly ‘butt dialled’ this pic to loads of people on WhatsApp.”

The picture in question is a selfie of Jordan taken while he was walking through a busy area.

Lancashire Telegraph: Jordan North accidentally sent a selfie to his WhatsApp contacts.(Instagram/@jordannorth1)Jordan North accidentally sent a selfie to his WhatsApp contacts.(Instagram/@jordannorth1)

Jordan then shared screenshots from family, friends and colleagues who were left scratching their heads at the random message.

After sending it to co-presenter, Vick Hope, and fellow Radio 1 drivetime crew he said: “Sorry I sent this by accident on a run.”

Vick said: “It’s everything – the expression, the rush, the scene around you, the AirPod, the butt dial… how?”

“I was wondering,” said one person.

Another replied: “Beaut.”

Jordan said: “That’s so awkward I’ve sent it to like 20 people.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Vick Hope said the accidental message was "everything"(Instagram/@jordannorth1)Vick Hope said the accidental message was "everything"(Instagram/@jordannorth1)

It’s not the first awkward experience Jordan has ever encountered.

Speaking on his ‘Help I Sexted My Boss’ podcast, which he hosts alongside William Hanson, Jordan said he was mistaken as a server while enjoying a curry at an Edinburgh restaurant, shortly before a live show.

Jordan, 32, said he bumped into a couple on the way to the toilet and thought they were fans of the podcast – but they mistook him for a member of staff.  

He said: “I was walking to the gentleman’s toilets and as I was going downstairs a couple walk in through the front door.

“I said ‘oh hi’ thinking they have obviously recognised me. It was a bit awkward and we were both just standing there.

“I was thinking ‘are you going to ask for a picture?’ so I just said: ‘Are you coming to see the [Sexted My Boss - Live] show tonight?’.

“They both just looked at each other then they looked at me and said ‘no, can we just have a table for two please?’."