An East Lancashire businessman has encouraged This Morning viewers to holiday in the county and other northern regions if they want to save a fortune this summer.

Appearing on the ITV show on Wedneday, August 3,  Dave Fishwick, from Sabden near Burnley, gave viewers some money-saving tips if they want an affordable staycation this summer.

Transport deals, hotel tips and location hacks were some of the ideas discussed on the show.

Lancashire Telegraph: Dave Fishwick with Rochelle Humes and Vernon Kay on This Morning. (ITV)Dave Fishwick with Rochelle Humes and Vernon Kay on This Morning. (ITV)

The proud northerner also gave his home region some recognition telling viewers they could save hundreds by heading to Lancashire or Cumbria.

Speaking to hosts Rochelle Humes and Bolton-born Vernon Kay, he said: “You could go down to Cornwall and spend a fortune or you can save a fortune and head north – it really is about location.

“You can save £500 by going north and we have some really wonderful locations.”

Dave then went on to list some notable locations people should consider including: Scotland, Cumbria, the Lake District, Blackpool, Morecambe and Fleetwood.

Dave also mentioned Burnley as a place to consider for a staycation.

“Burnley!?” exclaimed Vernon looking off to the show’s cast and crew with confusion.

Rochelle said: “Are you not in agreement there Vernon?”

Dave then talked about saving accommodation costs by staying in a more rural area and investing in a bus ticket.

He said: “Don’t necessarily go to where the peak of the place is.

“For instance don’t embed yourself in the heart of the Lake District  that’s going to cost you a fortune.

“Go a couple of miles out and get a bus ticket.”

Dave then talked about the Ribble Valley countryside and said you can get a week bus ticket in Pendle for less than £17.

He said: “Yesterday I got in touch with Pendle Council and I asked how much a ticket was for the week - £16.50!

“Jump on the bus as much as you like up, go up Pendle Hill and all around Clitheroe for £3 a day.

“And that’s a free activity… bring a flask, beef paste butties and a bag of prawn cocktail crisps.”

Dave added that holidaying up north is the “future”.

He said: “Head north – it’s the future.

“It’s wonderful down south is wonderful but I was out last night in a local hotel and it cost £13 for two bottles of Corona… up north that would be a fiver.

“It’s important you can budget your money for the week as well… you don’t want to get to the end of the week and not be able to have a chippy tea.

“Steak pudding, chips, peas and gravy – very important.”

After he appeared on the show many viewers took to Twitter to praise Dave and the energy he brings to the show.

One person said: ”Dave Fishwick every week please! What a guy - funny and informative.”

“You’re a star Mr Fishwick, “said another.

“Rather than Rishi Sunak for PM let’s have Dave Fishwick.”

Another said: “Loving this northern guy on staycations.

“It needs clipping so we can all share, he’s brilliant.

“Good old northern friendliness and common sense. He’s great with Vernon Kay too.”

Dave Fishwick’s top tips to help you slash the cost of your staycation


1) Book direct with the hotel

Check the website before you give them a call to find out how much it's going to cost. You can also ask for the manager or the owner because they might make a decision where you could get it cheaper. You can get things like a free breakfast, or maybe even a free glass of wine!


2) Share a cottage with another group

Whether it's friends or family, you can get together and book a slightly bigger place to help cut down on your costs. Don't forget to check for any last-minute deals. Booking in advance isn't always the best price!


3) Find transport deals

Why not take a look at public transport options, or even car rentals to help get you to your destination. Lots of cities offer discounts for local tourists. You could also take a look online or at your local airport to find some potential deals on car rentals.

Dave, who started his own bank after selling mini-buses in his home town,  has recetly been recruited as the new business doctore for the Mail Online and This is Money.

The businessman is also having his life story turned into a Netflix biopic starring Rory Kinnear of James Bond fame.