Blackburn primary school students took part in a feminist community organisation project to celebrate the women in their lives.

The S.A.S Rights organisation ran a Queen of Hearts Project at St Mary’s and St Joseph’s Roman Catholic primary school.

The project was part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee last month and parents and children were encouraged to get arty and creative to nominate the Queen of (their) Hearts.

The founder of S.A.S Rights, Saima Afzal MBE came up with the project idea. She said: “The feminist in me wants to celebrate women wherever we can so our community organisation is working with local schools and women organisations to run projects throughout the year to celebrate women and our worth. “

The project was run with the help of the St Mary’s and St Joseph’s Roman Catholic primary school. A trophy was awarded to the nominated Queen of Hearts, and all the shortlisted children received a certificate.

Saima presented the ceremony after judging the nominated work. She said: “We had a really tough job judging them all.

“It was such fun, the children loved it. I went in a spoke about helping others, being kind and how important it is to celebrate everyone.

“We spoke of how to celebrate the Queen and that we could use this time to also celebrate our own queens, so women and girls who are kind, strong and helpful deserve to be awarded.”

S.A.S Rights is a community organisation that focuses on advocating for inclusion, valuing difference, civic participation, equality, human rights, and safeguarding.

The group deals with issues ranging from forced marriages, female genital mutilation, human trafficking and child sexual exploitation abuse.

Through age-appropriate learning, like the Queen of Hearts project Saima is passionate about introducing young children to women’s issues so they can carry morals and teachings into their adult life and onto the next generations.

The school project was successful, so Saima is eager to continue running similar fun and educational projects.