As the price of fuel is finally starting to drop, what are the cheapest places to fill up around Blackburn?

Despite prices dropping slightly for customers, the RAC has accused the "big four" supermarkets and several other retailers of failing to reduce petrol prices in line with falling wholesale costs.

At its peak, diesel was costing more than £2 a litre in some areas.

There are hopes that the prices will continue to drop, making it slightly easier on everyone as they fill up the tank.

But what are the 10 cheapest places within five miles of Blackburn to fill up?

The cheapest places in Blackburn with Darwen were Asda Blackburn and Morrisons in Great Harwood where the price at both was reported to be 172.7p by customers.

At Texaco at Grimshaw Park Service Station, the price reported on August 2 was slightly more at 172.9p.

Petrol was the same price at Tesco in Blackburnm again at 172.9p.

A slight jump, the price of petrol in the Shell garage on Blackburn Road was reported on Wednesday (August 3) to be at 177.9p, with Texaco on Bolton Road also listing their petrol for the same price.

BP on Preston New Road, Shell in King Street, Texaco at the Lock Mill Service Station and Shell on Accrington Road are all listed as selling petrol for 179.9p.

If you are filling up with diesel, the cheapest place at the moment according to customers is Asda in Accrington, with diesel at 183.7p per litre.

Morrisons in Great Harwood is only slightly dearer at 183.9p per litre, while Asda in Blackburn is selling diesel for 184.7p.

Tesco in Blackburn is the fourth cheapest in a five-mile radius, with diesel costing 184.9p per litre.

Following that is Wood Street Garage where the price was updated on August 3 to 185.9p litre.

Jumping up from that is Shell on King Street, BP on Preston New Road, Texaco on Bolton Road, Esso on Preston New Road and Texaco on Tottenham Road where diesel is being sold for 189.9p per litre.

The prices above are correct according to which was checked on August 3.