A father who had struggled for more than a decade with his mental health took his own life.

An inquest at Blackburn Town Hall heard how Jack Talbot, 29, was found dead in his bedroom by a friend on the morning of November 23, having taken a drug overdose.

Jack, a father-of-one, had struggled with his mental health for many years, having been diagnosed with schizophrenia and a personality disorder in 2013, and before that psychosis in 2010.

When Jack was receiving help, he would regularly become disengaged with services and was in and out of prison.

He had contacted his GP on several occasions to try and re-engage with services but when they tried to call him, he did not answer and then did not respond to any further attempts of correspondence.

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On November 22, Jack had been out in Burnley earlier in the day. After arriving home, Jack threated to take an overdose.

His friend called emergency services, and paramedics went to see Jack at his home on Snowdon Avenue in Blackburn.

Paramedics spoke with Jack who told them that he was wanting to have a ‘long sleep’, and this was how he had done it in the past.

Ambulance staff tried to repeatedly tell him how dangerous it was to take such a dose of the drug, but Jack started to become angrier at the paramedics’ presence.

Emily Totty, a paramedic who cared for Jack, said: “We tried to reason with him, but Jack told us that he was calm now but that if we were to stay, he wouldn’t be calm.”

Becoming concerned about the situation, the paramedics decided to leave, speaking with Jack’s friend on the way out, and said if he became concerned about his breathing to call 999 immediately, and they left.

Later, Jack sent a message to his mother, Helen Ashton, and his brothers, which appeared to sound like he was intending to take his life.

Jack’s friend heard him snoring at about 3.30am on November 23, but when he tried to wake him in the morning, Jack had died.

A toxicology report found that Jack had potentially ‘fatal’ levels of the drug in his system, as well as two other substances.

Coroner Richard Taylor recorded a conclusion of suicide as a result of an overdose.

He said: “If someone has taken a drug with the sole intention of taking their life, that is simply suicide.

“That is what I understand from the messages Jack sent, it is believed that is what happened.

“Given the circumstances, I will record a conclusion of suicide.”

If you're struggling with your mental health or are in crisis, you can call Samaritans free of charge on 116 123 - they're available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.