An off-road bike will be crushed after being seized by police.

Officers from Rossendale's rural task force headed into Whitworth on Monday evening after recieving numerous reports about nuisance off-road bikes.

Upon locating one of the bikes, they found it to be unregistered with no insurance, so will be taking it to the scrap yard where it will be crushed.

A spokesperson for the force said on Monday night: "Rossendales rural task force started the evening in Whitworth and had several reports of nuisance off road bikes.

"One of them was located and has been seized under section 165 of the Road Traffic Act.

"The bike was unregistered with no insurance and so will go off to be crushed."

Lancashire Telegraph:

Later on in the evening the Audi, pictured, was stopped as it was found to be registered and insured way out of area.

The driver provided police with false details but a quick check on a mobile fingerprint machine revealed he was disqualified from driving.

Lancashire Telegraph:

The spokesperson added: "The Audi photographed was stopped as it was registered and insured way out of area.

"Driver provided false details but a quick check on our mobile fingerprint machine shown him to be disqualified from driving.

"Car seized under section 165 and driver reported for a number of offences."