Full approval has been granted for the erection and installation of a 20kw solar panel on land used for grazing sheep.

Mr R. Bower of Carr Beck, Gisburn Road in Barnoldswick, submitted plans to Pendle Council in March, asking for permission to install the solar ground lights, which will be used within his property and for powering some parts of the site.

A statement submitted with the application read: “The solar array will be sited on agricultural grazing land used for sheep – and this will continue once installation of the solar panels is complete.”

No objections were received in relation to the application.

Planning officers from Pendle Borough Council approved the proposals on July 22, with the following conditions: “The ground mounted solar array hereby approved shall only be erected until such a time as they are no longer in use.

"One month after the date at which they have finished generating electricity they must be removed. Reason: In order that they do not deteriorate to such a state that could result in an unacceptable impact.”