THE sun shone on the Scout Moor wind farm this week allowing workers to start catching up after weeks of delay caused by strong gusts on the site.

An amateur photographer with a head for heights took this stunning photograph from the top of one of the wind turbines at the development above Edenfield.

Paul Anderson, from Ramsbottom, took the shot 60 metres (196 ft) from the ground, at the top of turbine number ten after it was completed this week.

The picture was taken from the nacelle, the small room at the top of the turbine that houses the generator and gear box.

The team working at Scout Moor have been making up for lost time with the arrival of fairer weather over the last week and six turbines are now complete at Scout Moor, leaving another 20 to be built before the scheduled completion date of June 4.

Paul Anderson has been documenting the ongoing development since it began, from the arrival of the first convoys through Edenfield to the assembly of the towers themselves.

He has made his photographs available online at and at - an online project that aims to compile a photographic database depicting every square kilometre of the UK.

The Scout Moor Wind Farm is expected to generate enough electricity to power 30,000 homes.

The blades on the completed towers do not turn at the moment because they have been locked in place. When they are ready to start generating electricity, the blades will all be turned 90 degrees so that they catch the wind.