AN East Lancashire borough's housing boss has hailed the 'strong interest' from developers in building new homes within its boundaries.

Cllr John Harbour revealed the progress in a report to colleagues on Burnley Council.

It says: "We are seeing a strong interest in housing development across the borough for both commercial housing and social housing.

"The planning team are engaging with developers to review plans and ensure that we achieve high-quality developments that meet the housing need of our residents.

"New properties continue to come to the market across the borough offering residents a broad choice of homes and locations.

"McDermott Homes are progressing well with their development at Kiddrow Lane with over 80 per cent of the homes due for development on the site now sold or reserved.

"Gleeson Homes are in a very similar position at their site off Manchester Road in Hapton and Miller Homes are progressing well with their current development at Red Lees Road, Cliviger, with 45 per cent of their planned homes sold or reserved.

"The land at Brownside Road, Worsthorne, is now well underway with the first phase of properties released for sale.

"This development will see 18, three and four bedroom family homes offering buyers a rare opportunity to acquire a new-build property in this popular aspirational location.

"McDermott Homes have recent been granted permission on land at Harrogate Crescent, the former Isaac Centre site, that will see a disused building demolished to make way for 44 family homes.

"Calico’s affordable housing programme has had a very successful year with 42 affordable homes at Tay Street now complete.

"Calico’s latest development at the land off Sycamore Avenue is progressing well and will see 22 family homes and 12 apartments finishing off a stalled housing site improving the appearance of the land and making a positive contribution to the local area.

"The first phase of properties is anticipated to be released for occupation in August with a second phase in November.

"As expected demand has been very high."