An Accrington woman is trying to hunt down the driver and registration number of a white Audi that scratched down the side of her car last night.

Dental nurse, Claire Lonsdale, 37, had just got back from a two-week holiday on Sunday, when a neighbour shared the bad news that a car had just sped down the road and hit her Ford Fiesta.

Residents in Peel Park Avenue heard music blaring from a white Audi saloon that was speeding down the road at around 9pm on Sunday, July 31.

The white Audi hit every panel on the driver’s side of Claire’s car resulting in multiple prominent white scratches against the black paint.

The driver of the Audi had even left behind the grille of their car, which shows the model of the car is either an Audi S7 or Audi S line, because it has been confirmed that the part would only fit those two models, Claire said.

Lancashire Telegraph: The White Audi left behind the grill when they hit Claire's Ford FiestaThe White Audi left behind the grill when they hit Claire's Ford Fiesta

Claire said she assumes the driver was either drunk or on drugs  due to the damage caused to her vehicle.

She said: “It looks like they haven’t even reacted. Normally, if you hit something you’d steer away from it but they didn’t. They went down every panel.

“We spoke to someone who was on a run who told us two lads in the car were parked up in the Coppice Car Park.

“I know they go up there and do whatever they’re doing so they’re out the way, so we can only presume that they’ve been under the influence.

"Even the insurance company said the same thing to us, to not react because they’re under the influence of something.”

Lancashire Telegraph: The damage on Claire's carThe damage on Claire's car

The driver and passengers did stop to look around after they realised they had hit a car, but continued to drive off without informing anyone.

A neighbour’s CCTV footage shows the males in the white Audi speeding down the road, however it doesn’t show it hitting Claire’s car.

Claire continued: “We’re just trying to appeal to people to get a reg of that car for my insurance.

“Without the reg it’s going to have to be me and my insurance that has to pay out which isn’t right since I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Damage from the White Audi Damage from the White Audi

After the white Audi hit Claire’s car it continued driving down Peel Park Avenue and then, according to a few neighbours, turned left onto Burnley Road.

The impact of hitting the Ford Fiesta will have caused some damage to the white Audi which Claire hopes makes the car more identifiable.

If anyone has seen the car driving around the area or has any information, Claire has asked them to contact her on, or to get in touch with Lancashire Police in Hyndburn.