There will be several planned power cuts taking place across Lancashire this week.

People living in Blackburn, Burnley, Bacup, Clitheroe, Longridge and Preston, can expect to be without power on individual days starting from August 2, as Electricity North West carry out some planned maintenance work.

The list of areas, with dates and postcodes affected is as follows:

Area: Preston.

Date: August 2

Properties affected: 205

Postcodes affected: PR2 9UX, PR2 9UT, PR2 9SX, PR2 9UG, PR2 9LZ, PR2 9LY, PR2 9UF, PR2 9LT, PR2 9LP, PR2 9LA


Area: Fulwood, Preston

Date: August 2

Customers affected: 21

Postcodes affected: PR2 9NU, PR2 5ST


Area: Burnley

Date: August 3

Customers affected: 12

Postcodes affected: BB10 3PZ, BB10 3LE, BB10 3PJ, BB10 3LZ, BB10 3LW


Area: Longridge

Date: August 4

Customers affected: 56

Postcodes affected: PR3 2ED, PR3 2WH, PR3 2WE, PR3 2EN, PR3 2NH, PR3 2EF, PR3 2NE, PR1 2ES


Area: Newton-in-Bowland, Clitheroe

Date: August 4

Customers affected: 13

Postcodes affected: BB7 3AQ, BB7 3ER, BB7 3AD, BB7 3EB, BB7 3DY, BB7 3DZ


Area: Bacup

Date: August 5

Customers affected: 12

Postcodes affected: OL13 8QB, OL13 8QZ, OL13 8RU


Area: Burnley

Date: August 5

Customers affected: 27

Postcodes affected: BB11 5QQ, BB11 5QG, BB11 5PE, BB11 5NR, BB11 5PZ, BB11 5NS, BB11 5NT, BB11 5QL, BB11 5PF, BB11 5QA


Area: Blackburn - Shadsworth Business Park

Date: August 7

Customers affected: 8

Postcodes affected: BB1 2QR, BB1 2QP

A spokesperson for the energy company said: "We appreciate your patience while our engineers carry out a planned power cut in your area, this is to improve the reliability of your electricity supply and so our engineers can safely work on the cables that provide electricity to your home or business.

"You can find out more on planned power cuts and how they help to improve the reliability of our electricity network by heading to our website."