Stand-up comedian and best-selling author, Tez Ilyas has married.

The rising star, who released his first book, The Secret Diary of a British Muslim Aged 13 3/4 last year, was married at a ceremony on Saturday.

Posting a photo of his and his wife's wedding rings on his Twitter profile, which has more than 61,000 followers, Tez, from Blackburn said: "Please keep us in your duas (prayers)."

Tez also posted the same picture to his Facebook following, with hundreds of people commenting underneath the post.

One fan said: "Whoop whoop... sounds like more bedroom humour coming from the married man himself... no more, why did the chicken cross the road??? To get to his mangaiter.... lol cant wait for more tours, new material from a new chapter of your life...."

While another wrote: "Mubarak to you both. Many Allaah bless your marriage with love and happiness, wishing you many more years of happiness together."

The couple are now expected to have a honeymoon, although the location is unknown.

Lat week, the 39-year-old comedian Tweeted: "When people ask me what the dream is… for me, it’s quite simple, a family (wife and kids), a nice house paid up, and enough money that I never have to work again so I can watch every tv show, film and documentary in this golden age of tv"

His book The Secret Diary of a British Muslim Aged 13 ¾, which he published last year, appeared at number seven on the General Paperbacks list of the Sunday Times Bestsellers list earlier this month.

Tez beat other big names, including Jeremy Clarkson and Ant Middleton, to secure his spot on the oldest and most influential book sales chart in the UK.

The former Witton Park High School pupil thanked his 61,000 Twitter followers for helping to make him a Sunday Times bestseller.