A plant nursery has won a gold medal at the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Tatton Flower Show.

Holden Clough Nurseries, in Bolton by Bowland, impressed judges with their English Courtyard inspired show garden at the event, which took place earlier this month.

One, if not the most prestigious date in a gardeners diary, RHS host their Tatton event in Cheshire annually to showcase the industry's leading talent and inspire gardeners nationally.

The Holden Clough team, led by nursery owner and plantsman John Foley, nursery owner Kate Foley, garden designer Alli Croft, and nursery manager and seasoned expert Jane Coultherd, delighted the judges with top marks achieved in each of the judging categories.

With a reputation for doing things a little differently, this year's design centered around a ‘Courtyard Garden’ theme and creating a tranquil beautiful space within a small environment.

Quintessentially English, intentionally wild and rustic with an essence of rambling foliage, and bursting with floral beauty.

Flowers included Astilbes; Verbena bonariensis; Monardas; Stipa tenuissima; Nepeta ‘Walkers Low’ and Hosta Francee along with many others.

Mr Foley said: “Gardening is abundantly creative and it is our passion to show people the amazing artistry that can be achieved in garden design, along with championing the quality that is coming from the North of England in terms of both design and growing.

“RHS Tatton has always been close to our heart at Holden Clough and we were absolutely delighted to pick up another gold this year.

“Next year will be even bigger as we have just been invited to be RHS Master Grower at next year’s event - so please get behind us and follow us on our journey to Tatton 2023.”

Holden Clough doesn't grow plants inside polytunnels or greenhouses, instead choosing to grow them outside in ‘The Growing Field' where they are open to the natural elements such as the spring frosts, and Lancashire’s wind and rain; helping them to get used to the natural climate and local weather.

This helps to ensure that they thrive when purchased and planted at home by customers.