A man has shared his disgust over the discovery of a ‘poopy filled nappy’ at a park in Oswaldtwistle.

The odd form of litter was found in Rhyddings Park on Thursday July 28 at around 1pm, and was shared in an Oswaldtwistle Facebook group soon after.

In posting a picture of the nappy, the park-goer, known only as Dharamn, said: "We get that people are vile.

“They’ll leave their dog's mess in the park, empty crips packets and pop bottles and nicotine pipes.

“But this…seriously, literally dropping their children’s poopy filled nappy next to the kids playground.

“Gosh, that’s really not cricket.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Nappy found at Rhyddings Park on Thursday, 28 July Nappy found at Rhyddings Park on Thursday, 28 July

Rhyddings Park is a popular spot for parents and their children, so people living in the area were undeniably concerned over the hygiene and safety of the dirty nappy.

Dharamn said he was also worried about the lack of respect people have in relation to the local environment.

He said: “If folk can't be bothered to keep the areas they relax, play and, moreover, let their children play in, then what hope do we have globally?”

Not everyone in the area seemed to share the same sentiment, though.

One woman commented on the post in the defence of the litterer, suggesting that the nappy could have "dropped out of the baby bag or pram".

She said: “People are so quick to blame and shame people and are usually the ones who never do anything wrong in life.

"If it's put in correctly it won’t fall out.

"I’m sure people who lose daily items other than nappies don’t intend to drop/lose things either.

"Least the baby didn’t s***e on the floor like a dog.”

One mother of four children said: “Just to let you know it could have easily dropped from the basket under the pram. Try not to be so harsh, eh.”

Despite claims of the dropped nappy being accidental, one person noted: “It’s not unusual to find them under the picnic bench sometimes.”

Dharamn concluded that regardless of the excuses, everyone should "clean up after themselves", and questioned why the principle was "even a debate?"

This isn’t the first time concerns over the safety for vulnerable groups have been debated in the Oswaldtwistle Facebook group.

Lancashire Telegraph: Photo of the demolished lean-to on Merlin Drive last monthPhoto of the demolished lean-to on Merlin Drive last month

Just over a month ago, a woman found a lean-to demolished with large nails sticking out of a piece of wood by a bus stop.

She said: “Not sure what sort of reprobate leaves a bus stop used regularly by elderly and those who struggle to walk like this!”

The hazardous bus stop was on Merlin Drive, just two minutes from Rhyddings Park.

Hyndburn Borough Council have been contacted for a comment.